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Title : "Not a second ago"Author: Yvi aka DemoFand

Title : "Not a second ago"Author: Yvi aka DemoFandom : NarutoCharacters : Sasuke/NarutoRating :PG-13Genre : Slash(yaoi),romance,humor.Warning : OOC,Mat.Size : Drabbl.Description : I love...Love you... But it's not... I am dying... minute by Minute...And death is coming for me. Goodbye my dear. - Neet , so it is impossible,I love you,and I'm sure you'll save,you must hold on-Tears with marble cheeks on the bloody wounds on the body of young men.Dedication : to all.Publication elsewhere : Only with my permission!Notes of the author : Eerie not in the subject . But you don't yell. The first time I write Yaoi ))) AA and there will be portions of the verses(I hope)And good luck in reading"Second by second,minute by minute,hour...I feel that this is the end. But I don't want on the light. Yes I know there parents,but I still рано.Мне because there is still no 20..Yes... But, after all, Sasuke and Sakura? How will Kakashi Sensei ? Yes and the hell that will village!!?" such thoughts visited blond head Uzumaki, while he was lying on a glade истикая blood...***Meanwhile Uchiha Sasuke walked the road with the mission. Suddenly, he felt that something was wrong. Heart skipped a beat and breath for a moment ceased to appear. Poor brunette leaning on the old oak tree(which magically there passed heh). Guy down" the trunk", and set down on Mother-Earth.But anyway that's not haunted. He stood up and continued walking,trying not to think about bad. After all, in a couple of hours he would see his Uzumaki His beloved.Dear readers...I Have no time,so that the breed tomorrow!!!

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